UK planning permission for Conservatories

UK planning permission for Conservatories

Conservatories – permitted developments

If you are thinking of installing a new conservatory, you may be so interested in finding the lowest cost conservatory at outset that you may not consider whether the new room may need to have prior planning permission from your local authority

There are some ‘headline’ guides that can give you an excellent indication as to whether your Conservatory or Orangery may need to have planning permission and these are the main points:

compare my quotesPlanning Permission may not be required for your conservatory if:

  • It is only for domestic use.
  • It’s built at ground level & is single story
  • The total floor area of the room is 30 square Metres or less.
  • There is not a sleeping area.
  • Doesn’t interfere, or affect, existing drainage.
  • The doors between Conservatory & existing building are external door quality.

Please remember that this is not the full set of guidance and local planning requirements in your area are the ones that will apply.

Always check with your local council before commencing any work and for more detailed general information you can visit the UK planning portal here: http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/permission/commonprojects/conservatories/miniguide