What are New Gas Boiler Prices?

What are New Gas Boiler Prices?

New & Replacement Gas Boiler Costs

If you need to replace your boiler, the first thing that probably comes to mind is ” how much does a new boiler cost?” Well, that cost for your new gas boiler will depend on a few things.

  • Size of boiler

How many people in the house and how much hot water will you need? The more hot water needed, the bigger the capacity of boiler needed to cope

  • Type of Boiler system

Gas BoilerThere are Combi boilers which suit smaller homes but can produce instant hot water fast enough to fill up a Kitchen sink in under a minute. System boilers are capable of handling a house with more than one bathroom. Both of these types for modern products will be of the “condenser” type, which helps improve energy efficiency.

  • How much work is needed.

Replacing just the boiler might be easiest if its straight forward “like for like”. But if you are changing boiler types or needing new pipework & storage tanks then the costs will go up quite markedly.

Best thing to do is to go to a comparison site like www.localboilerquotes.co.uk and take a look at the information they show on the website;

You will also be able to get quotes from certified companies for the cost of the work.